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Making positive change through 
food and design

arlettego /2021


I am a visual communicator who truly believes strategic design and communication can deeply contribute to create new narratives that promote environmental and social justice. Over the past six years, I have been focusing on working with clients that aim to bring positive change to the world we live in.

My personal research relies on my passion for bees, honey, beekeepers and biodiversity. I am always questioning the impact our choices –as consumers– have on the planet, and finding new ways to communicate these issues to create positive change.

Connect the
power of food,
& design 


Sharing the power of food

I am always on a quest to expand my perspective. With a holistic, multi-disciplinary and in-depth approach to understanding the entire web of food, I spent an inspiring year as a master's student of Creativity, Ecology and Education in the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo. 
I confirm my commitment to use food, from its roots, as a tool to change the world.


A Honey Journey

Did you know Mexico is the third exporter of honey in the world? On average, only 200 gr of this wonderful ingredient are consumed per person every year! On top of that, beekeepers are paid an exportation rate, which is under €1 per kilo. 

This unfair system needs to be disrupted, and I am working to change it one jar at a time.


Design as a tool for change

I design to inspire action, to make change.
I strongly believe in the power of social change communities have: we can all change the world we live in if we have equal access to information and knowledge, but most of all when we are all willing to share and inspire others, holding ourselves accountable for the role we play as a holon in the complex system our planet is. 

© Arlette Gómez Ortiz 2021 
Artwork: Bruno Valasse 2020. Home photos: UNISG Communications Office / Eduardo Wanholtz
All photographs @arlettego, unless otherwise stated